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Give Your Man  a Gift of Cologne

Women love it when a man walks by wearing the right cologne. If itís a male friend or father, thereís always that nostalgic feeling you may associate with that scent. But you might not know what his brand is when it comes to cologne and itís important that you know his preferences.

Some men have no problem wearing whatever fragrance it is that you want him to wear. They may have a variety of scents they put on throughout the month. But others have a tried and true favorite. 

Thereís an easy way to find out what type of cologne the men in your life like to wear. Itís as easy as checking out what he has stashed on his bathroom counter or bedroom dresser. 

When you do your checking, you can also get a good idea for the particular size that he likes, too. Some guys like larger bottles of cologne while some prefer those mini sets. If you notice he switches things up from time to time with his scents, or has one scent for day and one for evenings, then the mini sets are the perfect gift choice because you can get ones with different colognes in them. 

Not all mini cologne sets will only have cologne in them. You can find gift sets that also contain shaving cream as well as lotion in addition to the cologne. Or, you could splurge and get him full sizes of everything to keep him stocked up. 

The way that cologne is applied matters to men. Some men prefer a splash on cologne that can be applied with their hands. They pour a bit into the palm of their hands and pat it onto their neck. 

But others like to use a spray bottle to apply the cologne. The difference in how to apply the cologne is a matter of preference. However, there can be varying concentrations of the scents. 

You can get less or more concentration depending on the type of cologne. Most splashes last longer per expiration date than spray on colognes, but usually donít have as much of the concentrated fragrance. 

If youíre not sure what your guy would like, you can always choose one of the sampler sets, which will give him some different options. Whether you buy name brand, celebrity scents or classic favorites, youíll want to pay attention to the initials when youíre buying cologne. 
The initials will let you know the concentration in the product. For example, EDC is for Eau de Cologne, which has a stronger, more pure concentration than EDT which is Eau de Toilette. 

Look for a cologne gift set that best suits your manís needs. If he only uses cologne, you can get individual bottles of that. But if you notice he uses shower gel, aftershave balm, hair and body wash and deodorant (which all men usually do), then you can find gift sets that include those, too.